Advice for installation and removal

  • Installation of screensavers
    Download screensaver installation file to a folder in your computer where it is easy to find, like My Documents or Desktop. Once downloaded, double-click on the downloaded file and follow instructions.

  • Removal of screensavers
    We use several screensaver programs to create our screensavers and unfortunately some of these programs will not place a removal option in the 'Add/Remove programs'. Please consult the download page of each screensaver for removal advice.

  • Technical support
    As all our screensavers are freeware, no technical support is available for them. If you don't like one of our screensavers, or it does not work correctly in your PC, please remove the screensaver following instructions available on the screensaver's download page.

  • Adware/spyware
    Our screensavers do not contain any adware/spyware.

  • Please note that any screensavers you might have downloaded through advertising banners appearing on this site, are not made by us.

    If none of the above relates to your problem, please contact us

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